Friday, November 24, 2017

We have a great response for our society!

In our last blog we discussed how a Christian, fearful about sharing the gospel, should correct their thinking beginning with the awareness that even though they are correct the opposition, who hate God, will try to silence them.

Today we continue this important discussion by examining what the secularist, statist offers in contrast to Christianity and how we should respond.

Secular society offers a godless, globalist government to replace the living God and Christ. This replacement god has the following characteristics:

·       It promotes people and institutions which destroy Christianity in the culture, e.g., in education, marriage, and the US constitution. 

·       Destroying Christianity clears society of burdensome obstructions for its own rule.

o   Consequently, it becomes against the law to speak about Christianity or against government principles.

·       The government becomes the replacement god.

o   Even as unbelievers scoff at weak Christians for needing to depend on God, they themselves, in great faith, seek a powerful government to be their god in the hopes of having their desires met.

·       A secularist, statist government operates in a dark world of suppression preventing you from meeting your dreams and goals, finding love, expressing your Christianity or your ideas.

o   Each person, instead of being embraced by their family, their community or church is tethered directly to the state for employment, a place to live, family and education.

o   Extreme examples, at the end of the statist totalitarian process, are North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela where the people are reduced to nothing and have nothing.

o   A more realistic, near-term example is modern Europe which is a model for the for globalist and statist state in the US. In much of Europe the government:

§  Actively suppresses individual thought, including: Christianity, freedom of speech, education and expression.

§  Actively suppresses individual achievement through high taxes so individualism, savings, entrepreneurship and advancement is difficult. Job creation comes through the government or large government supported industry.

§  Consequently, people seek to blend in, not to stand out in their job, by their opinions and often avoid marrying and having children. They accept what the government offers, even in the face of grave dangers to society such as rampant Islamatization, crime and the illegal migration.

Don't fall for the statist religion! Now is the time to stand and express the things we have and how good they are. How can we do this simply?

·       Realize that you are right and should not be shy about your faith.

·       Learn basic facts about the benefit of our faith, from our website ( or other locations. Learn to express the gospel! It is written at the bottom of this blog.

·       Discuss with your friends that the scriptures are true and good for people in contrast to what secular society offers. This will have the advantage of encouraging them and allowing you to learn to articulate your beliefs.

·       Discuss with unbelieving friends and colleagues the benefits of your faith.  Listen to their responses. If they cannot respond an open a reasonable way, move on to those who can. This will give you practice and perhaps some will come to faith in though Jesus Christ as Savior.

·       Teach your children and other young people our Christian heritage, history and the benefits of a Christian society.

·       Teach others and your children the Bible.

·       Write to ask your elected officials to protect our freedoms and Christianity; Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

God's victory is at the end of the world and the ultimate war has been won! But until that final victory, we face battles which can be lost. Historically there are places where Christianity all but disappeared in name or practice due to despotic regimes. Don't let that happen here! Fight and pray in faith for what is right and good, for your future and your children's.

That's all for today, Thank you for joining me.

Gospel - Do you know salvation is a gift from God?

How to become a Christian:

· Each person has done misdeeds (sin) that deserve punishment from a perfect and just God.

· However, God being loving, sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins on the cross to take the punishment we deserve.

· Consequently, when we simply accept, through faith alone, the forgiveness that Christ provided by his death and resurrection, we receive a permanent relationship with God and eternal life!

(Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 10:9-10, and Romans 3:21-26).

WC Stewart

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