WC Stewart, MD is co-founder of Teleios, Inc., a Private Foundation, which seeks to advance the good news of Jesus Christ by conducting scientific research, based on Biblical teaching, to provide evidence for the positive personal and societal results of scripturally based living. The beliefs of Teleios and its founders are consistent with the core beliefs of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Teleios has conducted numerous studies on the benefit on well-being of Christianity both in healthy and patient based populations and have published these studies in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Dr. Stewart and his wife, Jeanette, have been active in Christian leadership for over three decades. They each followed a part-time non-graduate study path at Dallas Theological Seminary, have served in local church leadership positions, have provided leadership to Christian Medical Society chapters, and founded a local college ministry. They have mentored and taught the Bible to over 100 students one-on-one and hundreds of others in group Bible studies.

Professionally Dr. Stewart and Jeanette founded and operate an international clinical research management organization which specializes in developing and financing new ophthalmic medications.

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