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How to share the gospel and not be a social pariah!

As part of our Christian walk we have the privilege to participate in God's plan for other people's lives, which, depending on the situation, includes sharing the gospel.

Teleios recently evaluated attitudes in sharing the gospel in young Christians by surveying visitors on Instagram accounts SpiritualWord (n=100) and GodsHolyScriptures (n=357). The complete results are at 

The results showed that these young Christians recognized the need to share their faith. However, many feared sharing the gospel generally, mostly because of social awkwardness, not knowing what to say, how to answer questions, and the contents of the Gospel itself.

In fact, verbally expressing the gospel to others was their fifth favorite way to share the plan of salvation (7%) whereas lifestyle, encouragement, praying and loving others were the preferred choices.

How then do we share the gospel without necessarily being a social outcast? This may not be easy to avoid always because Christ says that “they will hate us as they hated Him” (John 15:18-25). However, here are some tips that might help.

Mental preparation

Great message - Remember the Bible is true and good for anyone who hears it (please see our website for scientific proof What the world has to offer as a replacement god, for example humanism, statism, and atheism is hateful, bigoted, anti-freedom and very dark.

Don't be legalistic – Do not tell people the plan of salvation through guilt producing legalistic schemes. We have a great message which we can tell others with joy.

Don’t feel guilty - The epistles tell us to be obedient (just do it!) and does not mention guilt. We have the joy to tell others about salvation. It is the hearer’s responsibility to accept God’s message. Further, it is God Himself, not us by our efforts, who brings people to faith (John 6:44; John 16:8-11)

Learn the gospel - It is short and easy (Please see bottom of page).

Preparation to share

Plan - Most of us are too busy to remember this share the gospel. Therefore, think ahead of time about who might be responsive and plan an approach to tell them about salvation. I usually allow about 6-12 months to accomplish this goal.

Prepare the conversation - If you haven't already, take time to get to know the person with whom you wish to share the gospel. People generally like to speak about themselves. They want to know that you like and respect them. This means first listening to them about their life. Then ask questions about things that are important to them. Listen!

Bring God into the discussion - Over time, hen begin to ask how they were raised religiously, about church background, and what they think about God. Ultimately, you can ask them what they perceive their church teaches about Christ and what they believe about Christ. Our Savior is the key issue!

At this point, you know what they think and their needs. You can then tailor-make your message to meet their needs. It can be as simple as after they tell you their beliefs about Christ, you can say ‘this is what scripture says is His message’, then simply tell them the plan of salvation.

Tell them the gospel - Be direct and do not be confusing. The gospel message is simple so be succinct. It ultimately requires a ‘yes/no’ response or ‘I'm thinking about it.’ Often, I will use the offer of a 4-week Bible study to discuss the claims of Christ and let them see it for themselves.

Follow-up - If the person with whom you are sharing accepts Christ as Savior, then follow up with them in a Bible study (such as in the book of Ephesians) or refer them to your church or somebody who can teach them. Make sure they have fellowship. Remember, it is God who causes a new believer to stand and it is not our work (Romans 14:4). So be responsible but don't be personally responsible.

If they say no or if they're thinking about it, then follow up with them over weeks or months and ask them what they're thinking.

It’s a privilege to share the gospel and be a part of God's plan in people's lives, and to see its power to change lives!

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WC Stewart

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