Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christians are correct in their worldview for sure!

Over the past several weeks we've discussed a recent Teleios survey regarding attitudes among young Christians in sharing the gospel and found that they often were fearful in the face of society and chose to use other measures to express their faith as opposed to explicitly sharing the plan of salvation.

Christians are often taught not to offend people with their faith and when we do share we're told that we are judgmental and how can we say that our way is the only true way to God. Consequently, we frequently may feel good about our faith in church, but bad before unbelievers and society.

However, the Good News we offer is right and good for the listener. Stand firm and be proud of what you believe. Why is that?

Here are several points to consider:

·       God's Word and Christ are true and the Bible says it (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 3:16John 1:14,17).

·       Teleios surveys show that young Christians overwhelmingly support this fact (>90%) so you are in good company.

·       Teleios Research as well as other medical research has shown that Christians generally have better wellbeing than non-Christians.

·       Eternal security - The Bible provides us a way to salvation, a great hope and eternal security. Teleios Research shows believing in eternal security also helps wellbeing.

·       Adherence to the Christian lifestyle principles (prayer, praise, fellowship, Bible study, outreach) provides even better wellbeing.

·       Following individual Christian principles helps wellbeing such as: forgiveness, hope, thankfulness.

·       Christians serve and give more (than unbelievers) to society which contributes further to good wellbeing.

·       Society - Our society is based on Christian principles which provide a basis for fairness and justice not generally seen in historically non-Christian countries. Just read 1 Peter or 1 Timothy to get an idea of the roughness and violence of the Greco-Roman culture into which Christianity was brought and ultimately tamed.

·       The Bible provides for us a robust formula for a successful life and helping others and society.

In contrast, what does secular society and their institutions believe? Their beliefs have been clarified over the past few years:

·       They hate God and they hate Christians.

·       They want to shut up believers and take Christianity out of the public square using: intimidation, violence, and name calling.

·       They hate the institutions that built our society because they are Christian:

o   They started with education, marriage and sex gender roles in the past generation and more recently have attacked gender itself. Now they minimize our glorious history starting with memorials, the founding fathers and soon it will be their words, with the goal of destroying the constitution itself including voting and property rights, and the freedom of self-expression.

o   Then, without a basis of government, Christians will be at the mercy of a secular, despotic, globalist, one-world state.  This currently comes mostly under the mask of climate issues and racism.

What does the statist, globalist, humanist communist offer society in return? We will discuss this next week as well as a Christian response. Please join us then. We have a great and powerful God who preserves us to salvation and helps us in our time on earth.

Visit the Teleios website for further research showing the benefit of Christianity in our lives  

WC Stewart

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