Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wow, Practicing Christianity Helps Wellbeing!

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We are starting a new series on the exciting research findings from Teleios! Our first evidence was that peer-reviewed scientific studies support improved wellbeing with Christianity!  

Today let us continue this journey through the benefits of scripture by exploring scientific findings found at Teleios. Our data are important because they extend the information on Christianity and wellbeing found in the medical literature and might help you with your own life and Christian walk. Please consider the following results from Teleios:

·       General good wellbeing – Both college students and adult Christians note high ratings for wellbeing. However, our data are more specific to evangelicals1 whereas the medical literature would include social Christians as well.

·       Evangelicals – This group has better wellbeing than social Christians2 or Christians Seekers3.

·       Evangelical and saved by grace - College students who self-describe as evangelical, but also saved by grace, profess better wellbeing than evangelicals alone.

·       Evangelical, saved by grace and adherent - Evangelicals who indicate they are saved by grace, and adhere to their Christian faith (i.e., practice the 5 tools to maturity: prayer, praise, fellowship, Bible study and teaching others [Acts 2:42,47]) have even better wellbeing. In one of our college surveys, not a single student who was characterized by being evangelical, saved by grace and adherent, suffered poor wellbeing.

·       Practicing the faith – In separate research, Teleios demonstrated those who practice the Christian faith according to Acts 2:32, 37, as noted above, enjoy better wellbeing than those who do not.

o   Just a little helps - Even the practice of one to two of the measures in Acts provides better wellbeing

o   More is better - Further, the more a person adheres to the five tools to maturity, the better generally is their wellbeing.

o   Looking outward - Those learning and teaching the Bible directly (verse by verse), and those serving in their church or community also possess enhanced wellbeing.

·       Eternal security - Those who are confident in their salvation also note better wellbeing.

So how can we summarize the exciting information we have learned the past two weeks? Christians generally have better wellbeing. Further, those who identify as evangelicals, especially if they also indicate they are saved by grace, confident and their salvation and practice the Christian faith, possess even better wellbeing! Wow, great information for our lives.

We have such a wonderful God who cares and loves us, and has given us such wise literature to help us navigate our time on earth. Join us again next week as we continue to investigate scientifically based findings from Teleios.

1Evangelical Christian = An individual saved by grace having been forgiven their sins through faith in Christ
2Social Christian = An individual who identifies mostly with Christian culture or society while not being overly religious
3Christian Seeker = An individual seeking to know the truth about Christianity

WC Stewart

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