Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How Christians can support the POTUS

Welcome back! In October I wrote a blog painting the upcoming election as a pivotal moment in our nation's history to maintain first amendment rights and the freedom of churchgoers to speak openly about the gospel. The almighty God graciously answered our prayers and Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States and has populated his cabinet with dynamic Christians. Thanks be to God!

Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly voted for the president. Afterwards, many people attended post-election rallies to celebrate the victory and support the new administration.

However, President Trump made an important observation late last year that after republicans win, voters tend to disappear. Now more than ever Christians need to help President Trump protect our freedoms. This occasion of correcting our country and the world is too important to remain silent.

How then should we think?

Realize that we are right! - The Christian message is correct for our country, culture and individual wellbeing. Despite the statists* and globalists# in the media, Hollywood, and both political parties constantly bashing President Trump, and making fun of people in the heartland as racist and angry, what we offer is just and true. Critics offer nothing that is anywhere as close to the healthy mindset and lifestyle that Christians possess.

Realize now is the time to act! - We can no longer depend on elections to reverse the trend towards a statist and globalist government as we have in past generations. We need to make a difference now for the upcoming generation.

Realize they hate us! -  Globalists and statists hate us because they detest God (John 15:18-19). Further, our battle is not just against man, but primarily the forces of darkness, ruled by Satan (Ephesians 6:10-12). As much as many Christians would like just to ‘all get along’ this will not happen as these people will not relent in their hatred for God or us.

So what to do?

Learn the Bible! I do not mean watch a video, or read a book about the Bible, but dig into the word itself with appropriate resources that help you learn it correctly. Teleios research has shown that Christians are timid in part because we don't have confidence in God's Word. We lack confidence because generally we do not know what it says and have not truly depended on it in our lives.

Speak God’s word to one another! Talk Bible to each other. This is imperative so you encourage other Christians, but you also learn to articulate God’s word. As Teleios research has shown people are afraid that they can't answer other people’s questions so we remain silent.
We should discuss the Bible with each other as well as teach and instruct others (1 Timothy 4:6). As the proverb states (Proverbs 27:17). As iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens his friend (KJV, my paraphrase).  

Speaking and teaching God’s Word will change hearts. It's only by changing the hearts of people that they will change their vote and overwhelmingly elect people who love Christ and freedom of expression and hate statism.

Learn politics - Our hope is in God but we must be aware of what is happening in our culture. This awareness is the first step to being able to answer questions from others as it helps us begin to interact and ponder issues others might address to us.

Take action politically - Christians and conservatives are all busy taking care of work and family responsibilities. Those who demonstrate for globalism and statism often do not have jobs so they are happy to be paid to demonstrate and make the news. However, we cannot retreat! We need to take the time to write the president and our elected officials, encourage others and even legally demonstrate when we have the opportunity.

What we have is right and true. Now is the time to protect it. Thank you for reading my blog.  Join us next week when we continue discussing wellbeing and Teleios research.

* Statist may be one who places their hope and dependence in a strong central government.
# Globalist may be one who places their hope in a one world government.

WC Stewart

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